Friday, July 17, 2009

Can Haz Resume

Big Bear Butt, over at Big Bear Butt has a few things to say about resumes because he's in the unfortunate position of having to hire someone. I'm not going to say that his post is wrong, but I do disagree strongly on a couple of points.

BBB sez:
"But I have a responsibility to hire someone that has the skills we need, someone that will stay here, dedicated, committed to making this company a long term place to continue your career."

Are you serious? Anyone telling you this is either lying or naive. If I tell you this, you should read it as: "Hi, I'll stay here as long as you, the employer, pay and treat me in a competitive manner to my other options." Companies will drop you at the slightest whim. Anyone not willing to drop a company at the slightest whim is to be treasured, but will probably be first in the line for layoffs. Loyalty to a company is so 20th century and VERY misguided.

BBB sez:
"What I don’t need, is for you to tell me, in your resume, about your personal interests. I most particularly do not need to know you enjoy four wheeling in the mud during Autumn, hunting with rifle and bow, and that you love taking a 6 point buck in deer season and dressing it out with your son. I’m glad you are a family man, but why exactly should I be giving a shit about that?"

You should care because you get an idea of what that person will be talking about during work, whether just during breaks or all day long. But it's primary purpose is to weed you out of the pool of potential supervisors and to grab the attention of the supervisor who does love the same things.

My resume does the following things, in order of importance:

1) Weeds out companies/departments/supervisors I DO NOT want to work for.
2) Has a few personal tidbits that tell certain people that I will probably get along well with them.
3) Showcases the things I do well
4) Ignores the things I don't do well
5) Still manages to get past the "HR professionals" who know nothing about the job or environment but somehow get paid to screen the jobs

Once they know you can do the job, everything else is personal. While a few misguided people may pick "the most qualified" the reality is that they will pick the one they like the most or the one who has the most similar interests, as long as they figure you can do the job.

And FYI, I am very well employed by one of the largest employers in the state. I work mostly with people I like, and am very well paid, despite having an average employment per job of about 3 years and I changed job fields two jobs ago.

My comments above apply to all resumes, whether it's for a job, or a guild, or a club, or where ever you are applying for membership.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Long Absence

Ok, I started this thing, and I had every intention of keeping it up and running, then I became a father in real life and all my spare time left. Now that things have settled down a bit, I figure I will come in here and post a bit now and again.

The Blood Money project is dead. It never went any further, but the DK project is probably still going to happen sooner or later. I'm now playing a Dwarf DK, and oddly, much as I think Gnomes rule for DKs, I'm really liking the Dwarf. I'm also playing a Forsaken DK on the Horde side, but he's more of just a gatherer than a real alt.

I've pretty much stopped playing on PVP servers, though I'm possibly just following my own leveling guide. That said, having played mostly on Normal servers in my limited spare time over the last four months (before that I played almost exclusively on PVP servers), I see nothing gained by actually playing on a PVP server. There really is no upside to them, there is no World PVP on a PVP server, just ganking, which isn't PVP, it's just rude.

Which brings me to an odd observation... I play both Horde and Alliance and on a Normal server I get to do that without having two accounts. I think both are tremedous fun, so what is with all the hate some players have for one side or the other? Probably because they were ganked to death on a PVP server. Yeah, lots of fun there, let's spread more hate and discontent in the world.

Anyway, more to come later, just wanted to note that I might actually post more here.

-IA IA Gnarly Hotep

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Recruit

I'm here to report that I have successfully recruited a new agent and managed to insert him into Azeroth. The fact that we are related is completely irrelevant. He was, if anything, harder to convince than a stranger. He's known me all his life and was on to most of my tricks. I even showed him the game the last time he was here.

Then, out of the blue, it all came to fruition, he called me up and he was sold. So I set him up for a quick promotion (Recruit-A-Friend) and we started on a newish server, using my guide. We chose Grizzly Hills, because it was new and has tons of new players like him on it. It meant I was stuck without higher support, but once transfers and/or DKs open I figure I will remedy it.

The real hassle is that his pretty much completely ruined my plans for the DK instance guide and the Blood Money project, so those are on hold for a bit. I might just restart the Blood Money project on Grizzly Hills. It also explains to the three people reading this why I haven't posted in a week.

This also prompted me to actually delete a ton of my Alts on other servers and recreate them on the new server. So pretty much, any toon that was lower than level 40 got the axe, plus a few Death Knights. I have tons of alternate identities and it was time to purge them, yeah, purge I said. The highest non-DK toon I deleted was a level 35 Dwarf Paladin with maxxed out enchanting and I deleted a level 60 DK on that server as well. Crazy... Yeah, but when I was done, I was left with one toon on that server that I will actually pay to transfer off. See, I have two accounts (and this will actually be my second RAF, my Night Elf Druid loves his Zhevra) and after I transfer off that last toon, I can create a horde DK on that PVP Server, giving me one account as Horde and on account as Alliance on that PVP server. I'll explain the benefits of that in a later post.

So anyway, I'll be leveling fast and furious, and I will try and keep some updates going for those curious about the process.

-IA IA Yog Thulhu